Electrical Supply Services

  1. Operation and maintenance of the common area lighting of the society including replacement of Fused Bulbs, Tube Lights and other consumables and to ensure power supply to all Electrical System installed in the Society. However at the time of handing over the electrical system to the company all bulbs, chokes, fittings and other appliances should be properly working.
  2. Operation of DG Sets including checking and filling of Oil, maintaining records for run of DG Sets and routine checking of DG Sets and maintenance. Company will undertake regular service, changing of electrolyte, coolants & Engine Oil. Any spares / parts outside the scope of the AMC shall be billed to the Builder / RWA on actual.
  3. Operation of Lifts including its cleaning and maintenance. Preventive / break-down maintenance as per the standard terms of AMC (with material only in case Premium Service) with the OEM supplier.