General Instructions

All security personnel of VATSALYA deployed at the facility will ensure that they are fully conversant with Resident activities and its related security requirements. Hence the security staff will observe / ensure the following:

  1. They will understand the location in relation to the surroundings i.e. whether it is peaceful or violent, or crime prone area and accordingly take necessary precautions.
  2. They will know and understand the locations and various units / sub units as existing in the facility.
  3. The security staff will know the locations of Fire Hydrants, Fire Fighting Equipments, Fire Alarm System and Main Control Panel (Power Supply) and will also be fully familiar with their operations.
  4. They will maintain general observation over and alongside the perimeter / boundary wall of the facility.
  5. Will caution if anyone is seen frequently loitering around along the perimeter wall fencing.
  6. Any damage or loss to the property if seen or found at any time will immediately be reported to the RWA.
  7. They will always endeavor to protect the Society’s Assets and property.

The security Staff of VATSAYA will strictly observe that they:-

  1. Are always smartly turned out and vigilant.
  2. Are punctual and arrive 15 minutes before the start of their shifts / duties.
  3. Take charge of their duties property and thoroughly.
  4. Perform their duties with honesty and sincerity.
  5. Read and understand their site and post instructions for strict compliance.
  6. Extend respect to all the residents of the society.
  7. Do not speak or listen against own or society.
  8. Shall not drink on duty or come drunk to report for duty.
  9. Will not gossip or chit chat while on duty.
  10. Will leave the post only after being relieved.
  11. Will never sleep or slumber on duty post.
  12. Will not read newspaper or magazine while on duty.
  13. Will not leave duty post without having been properly relieved.
  14. Will immediately report if any untoward incident / misconduct or misbehaviors to the Security In charge / RWA.
  15. Endeavour to develop the ability to:-
    • Remember important telephone nos.
    • Identify vehicles stickers.
    • Recognize the residents of the society
    • Forsee next day’s events and their repercussion on security duty so as to prepare themselves accordingly.
  16. While in doubt approach concerned Security Officer or concerned flat or RWA immediately.

  1. No information about residents and their telephone numbers will be given to anyone. If someone come and asks for information about the residents, he will be politely directed to Security Officer or RWA.
  2. The following information about the residents should not be divulged to anyone:-
    • Car make, colour and number.
    • Telephone number / any other information.
    • Location and movement plans.
    • RAW Meetings or any other schedule.
    • Visit programs of VIPs.
    • Site plan of the premises.
    • Travel itinerary of residents.

Security personnel of VATSALYA, deployed at the site / facility should fully conversant with society and related security requirements. Security personnel will observe / ensure & maintain the following documents at the post:-

  • Handing / Taking over register.
  • Visitor Register
  • Courier register
  • Message register
  • Fire Extinguisher register
  • Alarm Control Panel register
  • Servant register
  • Key register
  • Contractor worker attendance register
  • Personal property pass register
  • Night round register
  • Vehicle movement register
  1. Security personnel will ensure & maintain all security activities and documentation on day to day basis.
  2. He will maintain vigil watch at the premises all the time.
  3. The security staff will know the locations of the fire fighting equipment, fire alarm system & control panel (power supply) & will also be fully familiar with their operation.
  4. He will ensure that the personnel taking material out of society will have a valid gate pass for the same.
  5. On doubt of authorized signatory will confirm the RWA e.g. authority to take out material / Issue gate passes.
  6. After verifying the gate pass, the security personnel shall make necessary entries in register as well. All such gate passes shall be filed in the appropriate file.
  7. He will ensure that the security personnel avoid any personal relationship with any of the contract worker & other vendors.
  8. He will ensure to keep the record of material coming into society on day to day basis.
  9. He will ensure to collect the courier / mail packets and will make entries in the mail register and deliver the same to the residents and take their signature.
  10. He will keep the record of inspection of fire extinguisher on quarterly basis.
  11. He will open & close the main gate at the time of need.
  12. He will be courteous to all visitors / residents but at the same time will carry out their roles with strictness and firmness required of a security guard.
  13. He will maintain key control register for original duplicate keys and will get the sign of authorized person to whom the key is issued.
  14. He will ensure to keep the record of items coming in or going out of the premises on day to day basis.
  15. He will frisk and search all staff and visitor on day to day basis.
  16. He will ensure to issue the pass to authorized person visiting the premises for any contractual work on day to day basis.
  17. He will ensure to check the locks & seal of the various common areas during his patrolling.
  18. He will carry out proper handing over / taking over before start / finish of the respective shifts.